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Easy 1-step Automation


Step 1: Upload any PDF inspection report, along with related details, through one easy form.

Everything else happens automatically: 1) Report information is sent to the client. 2) The report is saved, so you can view it later. 3) Client & Realtor information is saved. 4) Financial statistics are tracked, so you can view your business growth. 5) Marketing statistics are tracked, so you can see where your referrals are coming from.

It's nice having TruCapture do all your office work. You can try it with your next inspection report.

TruCapture Proven Marketing Guide


7 proven marketing strategies, developed specifically for home inspectors, and tested through 20 years of experience. Described in detail, with templates for every necessary marketing piece, you could start using these highly effective strategies today. You won’t want to miss out on this.

Marketing Consulting

Every month, you’ll receive 1 on 1 marketing consulting from an award-winning marketer. Get a solid plan for growing your business, even in this current market.

Customizable Marketing Campaigns


In less than the time it takes to type your full name, you can customize a marketing campaign to try new ideas, measure old ideas, and know where to spend or save your money!

Custom Marketing Supplies

The marketing pieces of the pros: Post Cards, Referral Programs, Brochures and more… all customizable and available today!

Automated Pay at Closing Management


Earn an extra $30 - $50 per Inspection with this automated system. It organizes all information related to fees paid at closing, and notifies you when payments are coming. We also include a service agreement form to get and hold each client’s credit card info so you can secure payment when they do not buy the home.

Storage for all Inspection Reports


Quick access to all your Inspection Reports without the complicated mess and worry of organizing them yourself.

Report Delivery


Deliver your reports with a professional greeting, through email, from a secure server.

Report Delivery Tracking System


This system tells you who has viewed which reports and when. The best testimonials we have ever read came from Realtors who lost a report in their email Inbox, and didn’t have to call to get another one, because their Inspector called them first!

Customizable Email for Report Delivery


Get the exposure you deserve by putting a personal picture on your email template with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Database of all Client & Realtor Information


Easy access to all your client and realtor information to use for follow-up, marketing and more! Enjoy the peace of mind that organization and easy access to this information will give you!

Professional Online Access to all Reports


Your clients and realtors will view you as an up to date, savvy professional with our report deliver system.

Forced Electronic Service Agreement System


Added protection for every inspection. No report is accessible without acceptance of an electronic service agreement.

Automated Financial Statistics


Watch and manage your business growth by comparing months, easily projecting future month’s incomes, comparing year to year changes, tracking your average inspection fee, with easy to read, real-time graphs and more!

Automated Marketing Tracking System


Marketing is the heart of every business. If you’re not measuring the success or failure of every marketing effort in detail, you will never fill your schedule with inspections! TruCapture makes it easy, automatic, accurate, and customizable!

Realtor Referral Tracking System


Know exactly how much business you’re getting from each Realtor. You’ll be able to capitalize on this information by rewarding those who are loyal to you, and making sure to retain their loyalty through the years!

Referral Payout System


You can finally use the marketing gem of the Inspection Industry without hassle. Realtors and Clients will be able to request referral bonuses without ever bothering you … just the way they like it … and just what it takes to make a referral program successful!

Professionally Designed Forms


Gain access to a number of professional forms including service agreements, pay at closing payment agreements, environmental testing agreements, and more!

Video Tutorials

Never find yourself without an answer. Our video tutorials are never longer than 1 min, and will tell you exactly how to use every valuable feature.